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Based on the principles of high energy efficiency and sustainability VE- Engineers provides the design for all utility related mechanical and electrical works of complex buildings. During planning phase we work closely with the client’s conceptual design and integrate local design requirements, as well as carry out technical and quality assurance review. For international projects we manage the international design team and cooperate with local designers.

The client can choose to contract VE-Engineers to work out the Design Concept or to provide a Design Review of the design made by the local Design Institute.

Design Concept:

VE-Engineers works out the Design Concept based on client’s conceptual draft. We take care that our design will be incorporated and approved by the local Chinese Design Institute (DI) and thus becomes a part of the whole “Detailed design”.

Design Review:

If our clients choose to ask local Chinese Design Institutes (DI) to work out the Detailed Design, VE-Engineers provides a review in order to make sure that the principles of efficiency and sustainability are integrated according to client’s expectations. This will avoid unnecessary investment into e.g. oversized equipment, low quality material and will increase efficient use of energy and other resources.



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