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Energy consulting and energy management

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Energy cost saving is one of the big future challenges for any kind of building operators. VE-Engineers provides a dedicated program to analyze cost saving and energy conservation potentials, engineer practical solutions and implement them on clients behalf.

Phase 1: Site inspection, identify and evaluate opportunities (2 - 3 days)

Phase 2: VE-Engineers work out a list of potential energy cost saving projects (2 weeks). All potential projects will be listed and sorted according to cost saving potential, required investments, return on invest (ROI) and duration for the implementation.

Phase 3: Based on this list our engineers and the client will select and schedule projects to be realized; projects can be carried out in parallel or one by one.

Phase 4: Implementation

VE-Engineers is acting on the behalf of the client, completely in charge of the project realization incl.:

  - Engineering and Design
  - Proposal of equipment vendors, price and contract negotiations
  - Site supervision of the installation and implementation
  - Commissioning and final acceptance
  - Punch list
  - Training of end user on new equipment and systems
  - Supervision of performance and energy cost savings
  - Handle guaranty and warranties

The fee for VE-Engineers is calculated based on a percentage (to be negotiated) of one year’s real energy cost savings.



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