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The general concept of “Commissioning” is to supervise the whole cycle, starting from Design until the final acceptance and performance of all related equipment and systems.

Starting from the general concept of building related systems, such as HVAC, Compressed Air, Steam, BMS, Water, etc. VE-Engineers reviews the basic ideas towards their general applicability, their energy efficiency and their anticipated sustainability in the real world of operation. We supervise the design to ensure that these concepts are perfectly transferred into the detailed design and that the technical requirements of each part of equipment coming out of this design is specified in the correct way. During construction we verify the used components and equipment and take care that they are installed in a professional way. Making up check lists, performance tests and final acceptance ensure that each part of the system is functioning in the original designed way. Finally we train client’s staff to operate the equipment and all systems to achieve efficiency and sustainability during normal operation.



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