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VE-Engineers (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.: Your specialist in energy saving,efficient mechanical and electrical design, sustainable building commissioning, reliable Facility Management and Maintenance Excellence.

Value Engineering: From design to operation

VE-Engineers (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. was founded by a group of Germans with the intention to provide the values of German Engineering to companies operating in or out of China. “Value Engineering” stands for intelligent design, reliable application and installation, proper commissioning, sustainable and efficient operation of any kind of facility related systems in commercial and industrial buildings.

We consider the building and the operation inside as two separate, but interacting systems which, if engineered in the right way, can support each other and will result into reduction of usage of expensive resources, such like energy and water.
With an integrated engineering approach VE-Engineers focus on optimizing the performance and availability of your facilities and utility systems towards sustainability, efficiency, energy and cost saving.

Regardless whether factory, commercial or public buildings VE-Engineers take responsibility to provide air, water, air pressure, electricity, gas and light to the right spot, at the right time, with the correct quantity and with the required condition in the most efficient and reliable way.

Active engineering and proactive maintenance of all kinds of equipment will allow our customers to concentrate on their core competence, rather than to deal with the complex problems related to the building and its facilities.



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